Monday, February 15, 2010

In Which Cara is Characteristically Stressed Out

I'm stressed about my thesis project. I thought that I would make a list of some things that stress me out to varying degrees. Tomorrow I will try to post a list of things that de-stress me.

Since this doesn't relate directly to thesis, I thought I'd give the option to read it or skip it. There's a reward, though.
  • Being behind on my project because I don't feel like I have a clear enough direction
  • Being behind in other classed because I spent the past week hiding from the snow
  • When my smoke alarm goes off even though I'm just pre-heating the oven
  • Being unable to do laundry or shower in my building due to sewage backup
  • The orphans in this list that I can't do anything about because Blogger disagrees with me
  • Not being totally satisfied with the materials I've been using for my books, but having been as of yet unable to find a suitable alternative
  • Getting bitten by dogs
  • Random rashes on my arms
  • Having to go to the ER because nobody else is open
  • Tetanus shots
  • When I can't sleep or dance well because of said Tetanus shot and dog bite
  • Having a bruised hand
  • This item stricken for TMI
  • When my bunny won't stop sneezing
  • Maryland drivers in the snow
  • Women who glare at me on the street for no good reason 
  • Bristly people
  • Being stuck in my apartment
  • Feeling less than excellent because it's winter
  • Not knowing how to do things I want to do and not having the resources to try
  • When my laundry piles up for weeks and the bunny has sat in it since I haven't put it away and now all of my clothes are covered in fur
  • Not being able to take the trash out 
  • Not being able to sleep at night nor stay awake during the day
  • Using medium eggs instead of large eggs for a recipe because that's all we have
  • Being suddenly out of milk when I could have sworn we had a half gallon left and I'm trying to have cheerios for breakfast
  • Sinks full of dirty dishes
  • When my computer randomly shuts down without any warning whatsoever 
  • Dating
  • Having a sweet new haircut without the proper instruments to style it the way I want
  • Knowing that there's four feet of snow on the roof of the row home of which I live on the top floor
  • Being unable to figure out the grammatical nuances of the previous item 
  • Wondering if my Graphic Design Thesis is "design-y" enough.
  • Having a messy room
  • Living paycheck to paycheck
  • Knowing that my eyesight is getting dramatically worse though I just got glasses
  • Guys who cat-call at me in the street
  • Not being as focused as I'd like to be
  • When I put my iTunes on shuffle and something particularly embarrassing comes on.
  • Getting bills in the mail for things that my insurance was supposed to cover
  • Walking to work without sidewalks
  • Walking back from work or class with my laptop once it's dark out
  • Acne
  • Dancing with leads who take up too much of my personal space
  • When my phone runs out of batteries
  • Awful critiques
  • Keeping Journals
  • Making spelling/grammatical/formatting errors in my design work
  • Having an ugly sketchbook 
  • Being unable to draw in a way I like at all
  • Not Sleeping 
And on that note, I'm going to wrap this up for now and try to sleep!

PS. Here's a bunny.

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